About Two Creeks Wedding Photography
Funky almost space age portrait in black and white

Hi, thanks for stopping by and checking out our work here at Two Creeks Wedding Photography. Grab a coffee (or a beer) and pull up a chair. This is where you’ve come to find a little more about our culture and what we do, so here goes...

I was born with a camera in my hand … no wait, that’s been done … I am a multi-award winning photographer with a gazillion years of experience… Ah, nope, that’s old as well…

Adventures for a modern bride an include a range of outdoor fun like Kayaking

Ok, Two Creeks wedding photography is me – Mark, and my beautiful partner in life, Caralyn. Its a fond reminder of where I grew up on the South Coast of New South Wales. Its also a metaphor for the life Caralyn & I started together and hopefully a metaphor for your journey – Two becoming one, for the better. Your wedding day is just that – yours – and I aim to capture it in the most honest way possible. I’m all about what’s real and what’s happening, while at the same time, doing it creatively.

Mark's Family - up in the Grand Canyon and their dog star, Sirius

Here are some of the more important things you should know about me;

  • The best thing about me is my lovely lady and our boys.
  • I love riding bikes with fat tyres, on dirt, in remote areas – nowhere is my favourite place.
  • I enjoy the simple things in life … You know, the small moments we regularly forget or overlook.
  • The best things in my life aren’t things.
  • You don't have to explain yourself to me. Regardless of ethnicity, gender or religion, my camera isn't selective - neither am I... Love is love.

  • I can resist everything … but chocolate … ok, and I have a love affair with just about anything from a bakery.
  • Despite the craze I don’t drink coffee, tea, alcohol or smoke – Does this make me un-Australian?
  • Cats or Dogs? … Dogs. We had a cat once and it was awesome – it was just like a dog.
  • Star Wars or Star Trek … Star Wars!
  • I have an eclectic taste in music.
  • I have never used the word ‘juxtaposition’ … oh, oops.
  • I take my fun seriously … huh?

When it comes to photography, I sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to, and apart from the love of capturing an awesome image, it’s my work ethic that pulls it all together. Now let’s hear from you… tell us your story and what special moments you have planned – get in touch.